Over the course of 2014, the PreK-12 Learning Group’s blog featured more than 200 posts on a wide variety of topics affecting the educational publishing community. Here is a sampling of our most popular posts from throughout the year.  Continue reading

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At the PreK-12 Learning Group’s 2014 Content in Context conference in June, the closing session talked about how educational publishers could play a bigger role in education reform and raising achievement for all students. The question is: Where do we start? The goal of the December 2014 CEO Roundtable, “Embracing the Non-Traditional Players is the Education Market,” was to talk about the potential for collaborating with other organizations to effect change. Featuring five experts whose organizations are working toward the common goal of improving education for all learners, including influencing how students use materials in the classroom, the program encouraged attendees to look at partnerships and education reform in a new light.  Continue reading

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“There are more than 14,000 school district ‘consumers’ in the U.S., each with unique needs and procedures,” according to a new report from Digital Promise and the Education Industry Association. “And there is a growing and overwhelming number of products in the market, with a lack of trusted information about which are most effective.”  Continue reading

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Using evidence from more than 500 colleges and universities producing nearly half of the new teachers in the United States, a report from the National Council on Teacher Quality attempts to answer two key questions:  Continue reading

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Field trips are not only enjoyable for students, but they also boost learning, according to a new study conducted by Jay P. Greene of the University of Arkansas. In Greene’s study, some students were assigned by lottery to see high-quality performances of A Christmas Carol or Hamlet, whereas the control group simply read the material or saw a movie version. In all, 670 students in grades 7 through 12 participated in the study, with 330 getting to see a performance.  Continue reading

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