The latest education standards in the United States reflect a dual focus on academic learning and real-world application. Still, nearly everyone agrees that the goals of education must extend even further. In today’s complex world, students must be able to communicate their ideas effectively, think creatively, work collaboratively to solve problems, and manage their own learning. They also must learn how to confront new challenges, take initiative, and persevere.  Continue reading

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While today’s youngsters may be adept at texting and using the latest social media apps, many lack skills in using the Web to find reliable information, according to an article in The New York Times. The article cites a new research study led by University of Connecticut professor Donald J. Leu.

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Developers of the latest generation of educational games say they are coming closer to figuring out how to unlock kids’ passion for gaming to turn them into voracious learners, according to an article in The Hechinger Report. The article spotlights the developers of Zulama (a curriculum that lets students design and build games), Zeal (a math and English game), and Globaloria (which aims to teach students Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering material by having them design and code games).  Continue reading

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In a rare show of bipartisanship, two education bills have cleared important hurdles in Congress, according to an article in Education Week. On September 17, the Strengthening Education through Research Act was passed out of the Senate education committee with only minor changes from the House-passed version. The bill, which would reauthorize federal education research through the Institute of Education Sciences, would require periodic outside evaluations of IES and its centers and cap the number of centers and labs.  Continue reading

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“Teachers are finding that apps aren’t just fun—they’re valuable tools to help manage student behaviors, to communicate with parents, and to connect learning with social media,” according to NPR. In a recent article, NPR lists some top apps, as determined by communication with school technologists and teachers.  Continue reading

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