The Lamplighter Honors Gala, presented by the AAP PreK-12 Learning Group on December 8, will celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of the learning resource industry and the ongoing mission of helping every child receive a world class education.

frank-fergusonFrank Ferguson, Chairman and CEO of Curriculum Associates, LLC, will be inducted in the Educational Publishing Hall of Fame for his leadership in the advancement of student assessments and his philanthropic endeavors. In part one of his interview Frank explains how he came into the educational publishing industry and the most significant change he’s seen in the past five years. Continue reading

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At the 2014 AAP PreK-12 Learning Group Fall Policy Exchange, speakers Emily Smith M.A.Ed. (Teacher Created Materials) and Dr. Morgan Polikoff (Rossier School of Education, USC) talked about the next frontier for college- and career-ready standards: proving that instructional materials actually teach the state standards. However, first teachers, researchers, and publishers need to agree on what alignment means. Continue reading

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Although Matthew Schneps holds a Ph.D. in physics, he struggles with reading because he is dyslexic. After discovering that he found it easier to read using his smart phone, Schneps monitored 100 students with dyslexia while they read on smart phones to see if using that technology aided their comprehension of science, technology, engineering, and math lessons. The findings were inconclusive, according to an article from PBS NewsHour.  Using the smart phones helped some, but not all, of the students.  Continue reading

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U.S. graduation rates reached a record high of over 80% in 2012, representing an increase of about 8% over the past decade, according  to America’s Promise Alliance. Despite that achievement, we need to consider what will happen to the 20% of young people who do not graduate, said Jonathan Zaff, executive director of the Center for Promise at Tufts University, the research center for America’s Promise Alliance. Zaff spoke for an article appearing in District Administration magazine.  Continue reading

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In light of the furious activity surrounding student privacy, attendees and speakers at the 2014 AAP PreK-12 Learning Group Fall Policy Exchange pondered the question: Is data a bad word? Is it the concept of collecting student information to guide personalized learning that is the problem, or has the word data become so charged that parents and policy makers are reacting before they understand the context? Speakers Ezra Dodd Church (Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP), Aimee Rogstad Guidera (Data Quality Campaign), and Reg Leichty (EducationCounsel) talked about the current state of privacy law, where it’s headed, and the learning resource industry’s place in the conversation. While no one at the event came up with a better term, they did agree that educational developers can play a role in rehabilitating data collection through communication and transparency. Continue reading

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