A recent study by Holly Pope, Jo Boaler, and Charmaine Mangram of the Stanford Graduate School of Education showed that students using a digital math game three times a week demonstrated a greater increase in number sense at the end of the evaluation period than those who did not. While this study, which focused on students at one school with one teacher using a single digital game (Wuzzit Trouble), does not mean that all digital games will improve learning outcomes, it does point to areas for meaningful research. Continue reading

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As assessments and the school year wind down for 2015, Valerie Pelletier, a kindergarten teacher at Hygiene Elementary School in Longmont (CO), shared her perspective on working with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to the Education Post. Believing that there is a lot of confusion among parents about the standards, she offers three key pieces of information that parents should know about the CCSS. Continue reading

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As the number of education reform initiatives continues to increase in the U.S., the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) asked three of its research fellows to examine current efforts and to provide their do’s and don’ts for improving education. Unsurprisingly, many of their recommendations focus on the execution of the reforms as much as the actual methods. Read the partial list from the policy brief below; access An Education Agenda for the States – Fostering Opportunity from Pre-K through College at the AEI website. Continue reading

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Whatever standards a state uses, the clear goal is to make students ready for their careers beyond education. And while math and reading literacy are essential skills, a new study from Wainhouse Research, sponsored by SMART Technologies Inc., says that problem-solving and the ability to collaborate with others are equally important. The study, which collected opinions from administrators, teachers, parents and students in North America and the United Kingdom as well as educational practitioners and thought leaders in North America and Europe, showed, though, that a majority believe that these softer skills are being lost due to increased attention on assessments. Continue reading

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House and Senate budget conferees met on Monday, April 20 to start working combining their proposed budgets. A new post from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) says, though, that both the House and Senate FY 2016 budget have major flaws. Continue reading

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